Butterfly and cardinalflower
Strawtown Koteewi ParkGreen bee and aster
Strawtown Koteewi ParkFawn
Ritchey WoodsWater snake and catfish
Lafayette Trace ParkBeanfield
Atlanta, INIndian Grass
Strawtown Koteewi ParkSnow cardinal
Jim's yardKankakee Sands 3Rattlesnake Master
Kankakee SandsPartridge peas
Strawtown Koteewi ParkFishing heron
Little Cicero CreekCarpenter bee on clover
Strawtown Koteewi ParkRobin
Jim's yardPreening heron
Goose PondCanadian rye
Strawtown Koteewi ParkRime along the White River (HDR plain)Kankakee Sands 2Tufted titmouse
Jim's yardKankakee Sands 1Green bee on thorough wort
Strawtown Koteewi ParkRed berries
Tipton High School Nature CenterRiver reflection
Strawtown Koteewi ParkFledgling robin
Strawtown Koteewi ParkSpider and monarch
Strawtown Koteewi ParkMaximilian sunflower
Strawtown Koteewi ParkDown off a thistle
Strawtown Koteewi ParkTulip trees
Big Walnut Nature PreserveVirginia bluebells
Strawtown Koteewi ParkWheelbug
Jim's yardCivil War era cemetary
Along the Patoka RiverButterfly weed
Strawtown Koteewi ParkLower Falls at Cataract Falls (HDR grunge)Lower Falls at Cataract Falls (HDR plain)Summer flowers
Strawtown Koteewi ParkUpper Falls at Cataract Falls (HDR plain)Squirrel 
Potter's Bridge ParkNeon-rime hickory woof (shag style)Red-tailed hawk
Burr Oak Bend CILTSpring flower 
Spring Mill State ParkWet junco 1
Jim's yardWet junco 2
Jim's yardEagle
Bee Hunter Marsh Unit 5Tularecito
Bee Hunter Marsh Unit 5Lily pad
Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife AreaTiny turtle
Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife AreaMayapples
Shrader-Weaver Nature PreservePrairie trillium
Shrader-Weaver Nature PreserveWhite trout lily
Shrader-Weaver Nature PreserveSpring beauties
Shrader-Weaver Nature PreserveYellow trout lily
Shrader-Weaver Nature PreserveYellow trout lily
Shrader-Weaver Nature PreserveMoss on a log
Strawtown Koteewi ParkWild flowers
Strawtown Koteewi ParkTefft SavannaMayapples and log
Eunice Bryan Nature PreserveMayapple blossom
Eunice Bryan Nature PreserveWild geranium
Eunice Bryan Nature PreserveWisteria
Jim's yardWetwinged blackbird
Jim's yardBaltimore oriole
Ft. Harrison State ParkColumbine
Hathaway PreserveColumbine
Hathaway PreserveHoneysuckle
Jim's yardButterfly weed
Strawtown KoteewiPurple coneflower & butterfly weed
Strawtown KoteewiCinquefoil 
Douglas Woods Nature PreserveCedar waxwings playing in the tub
Jim's yardMorning glories in the corn
near ArcadiaSwallowtail on cup plant
Strawtown KoteewiViceroy on canadian rye
Strawtown KoteewiNew England aster & downy skullcap
Strawtown KoteewiBerries
Strawtown Koteewi ParkPotato vine with joe-pye weed and black-eyed susan
Strawtown Koteewi ParkBlack-eyed susan
Strawtown Koteewi ParkDragonfly
Jim's yardYellow swallowtail on pink thoroughwort
Potato Creek State ParkButterfly on New England aster
Strawtown Koteewi ParkMonarch on cup plant
Strawtown Koteewi ParkSwamp flowers
Kankakee River Fish & Wildlife AreaFall foliage
Along the East Fork of the White RiverLeafless berries
Strawtown Koteewi ParkTreetop sycamores
Strawtown Koteewi ParkIsland stream along White River
Strawtown Koteewi ParkDownstream island
Burr Oak BendTulip trees in the snow
Big Walnut Nature PreserveA stream in the snow
Big Walnut Nature PreserveBlue jay in the snow
Jim's yardFluffy lady house finch
Jim's yardEagle over Bee Hunter MarshSandhill crane flock on Bee Hunter MarshThree sandhill cranes over Bee Hunter MarshThree sandhill cranes coming in for a landing on Bee Hunter MarshVirginia pine
Clark State Forest"Nature's first green is gold"
Shrader-Weaver Nature PreserveSnow geese
Goose Pond #10Treetop herons
Arcadia, INSpring beauty
Muscatatuck National Wildlife RefugeJacobs ladder
Muscatatuck National Wildlife RefugeA yellow flower 
Kokiwanee Nature PreserveDutchman's breeches
Green's Bluff Nature PreserveYellow trout lily
Green's Bluff Nature PreserveSpring beauty with yellow trout lily
Kokiwanee Nature PreservePurple flowers
Kokiwanee Nature PreserveSpicebush
Kokiwanee Nature PreserveBirdfoot violet
Tefft SavannaButterfly weed
Jim's yardBees make honey 'cause it gives them a buzz!
Strwtown Koteewi ParkSpotted bugs
Strawtown Koteewi ParkSunrise June 16, 2008
Strawtown Koteewi ParkGoldfinch
Jim's yardMolting cardinal
Jim's yardBarred owl
Muscatatuck National Wildlife RefugeGrasshopper
Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife RefugePurple flower
Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife RefugeBlue heron
Texas Gulf CoastButterfly on goldenrod
Strawtown Koteewi ParkMonarch on white aster
Strawtown Koteewi ParkCooper's hawk
Jim's yardFlying heron
Rookery PreserveRiver pendents
Strawtown Koteewi ParkEagle on a limb
Goose PondEagle on nest
Goose PondRedwinged blackbird
Rookery PreserveWhite-breasted nuthatch
Jim's yardFlying great blue heron
Rookery PreserveEagle in Sycamore
Sugar CreekEagle
Bee Hunter MarshEagle
Bee Hunter MarshRed-breasted grossbeak
Jim's yardCat bird
Jim's yardJuvenile bald eagle
East of Cicero, IN
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